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Who are we ?

Once upon a time…

For over 130 years, Gautier-Languereau has offered marvellous illustrated books to kids of all ages.
Imagination and the desire to give the best to young readers and their parents,
has shaped our catalogue ever since the publication of Bécassine in 1905.
The catalogue has always embodied creativity in all its forms. Though the years have passed and the story has gotten longer,
We have continued to be re-imagined by our talented authors and illustrators.

… many gathered under one roof…

Our house is built on talented, imaginative and powerful writing and counts among its authors such pillars as :
Philippe Lechermeier, Taï-Marc Le Thanh, Bernard Villiot, Christine Beigel, Orianne Lallemand, Elodie Fondacci
and many others... Their imagination knows no bounds to weaving tales in any register
(humorous, poetic, magical, classical, offbeat, musical…).

With a colourfully shimmering portfolio of illustrators, we have opened wide our doors to such unique artists as
Rébecca Dautremer, Eric Puybaret, Antoine Guilloppé, Aurélia Fronty, Hélène Druvert, Hervé le Goff, Thibault Prugne,
Lucie Ahrweiller, Jules, Rémi Saillard, Aaron Becker, Debi Gliori and so many more…
None are alike, each works in his or her own original style, and they have all found a place
with us to freely express their astonishing creativity.

… making a commitment.

From uncovering new talents to revisiting great classics, at Gautier-Languereau we love to read,
we love to dream, we love to share, and especially to awaken kids’ curiosity and imagination.
Our promise: to cherish, nurture and refine 5 strong categories so you are able to find the right book for every child.

The kids’ corner:

Collections for very young readers from ages 1 to 3 with stories drawn from the wee ones’ daily experiences that are filled with tenderness,
humour and characters, like Petit Lapin Blanc, who are just like them.

The great topics of childhood:

For all those questions parents and children have, Gautier-Languereau offers a story which opens a space
d’échanges et d’appropriation : le coucher, les petits apprentissages de la vie, l’école, les peurs, l’amour,
for exchanging and taking ownership: bedtime, life’s little lessons, school, fears, love, feelings, adversity… our authors and illustrators find clever and sensitive
ways to discuss any topic.

Stories :

At our core is the free, simple, brilliant fun of storytelling. Telling stories, sharing new ideas with kids while delighting parents as well,
choosing great stories that nurture the love of reading and enrich vocabularies… this is what we are committed to.
For ages 3-6, short imaginative stories that are well suited to preschoolers in this age group.
For ages 7 and up, longer richer stories, from contemporary creations to famous fairy-tales, great classics or mythology…
Without forgettingCD-books : when stories can transmit the delights of music and reveal the great composers.

Object books

The beauty and creativity of form to enchant young and old. Laser-cut books,
pop-up books as well as newer forms have their place here, where they continue to amaze.


Because that too is what reading is all about! Books that are a bit out-there, impossible to classify, unique.
. Books we simply fall in love with, sometimes a complete gamble, something that offers a new perspective
on reading to and with kids…


Sharing this catalogue with you,
is also a way for us to share our delight in publishing these works.